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2020-04-06 Updated. important!!!

    1.Do not ask too much questions,because i am so busy & not good at english. just click ads & I will send out the payment everyday, if you wnt to earn more,you can promote & rent & upgrade.--of course,it is high risk deal, because I may scam all of your guys!^_^

    2.Only PM accepted as payment gateway,because PM is Popular at forex trading & low fee & security & Interest payment & take/give a laon.

    3.Do not creat more than One account, because I am busy.

    4.Do not ask for ad exchange, because I am busy.

    5.Do not susggest other PTC sites,because I am busy.

    6. If it is more than 20 accounts sign up as your referrals suspended, your account will be deleted !!! there are so many people try to create more than one account with VPN connections...It drive me crazy !!! And I am so busy everyday.

    7.You can earn unlimited with me in fact,visit this link, that is why I open The PTC sites, you will get the truth result if you meet the conditons..

    Note N.o. 1 : new people should first learning & study before trading with truth money account,I do not want anybody to lose your money.

    Note N.o. 2: I used to post a screenshot, it is about $10000 in my PM,no,no...if you trading a better result than me, you can master more.

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